In the United States, there’s a “public” element to all broadcasting over the federally regulated airwaves. Audiences have the right to speak up about the changes we expect on the air.

Season 1 of Viewers Like Us concludes, but the push for a public media that includes and serves the entire American public is far from over.

In the decades-long struggle toward an equitable public media system, what will it take to move from mere talk to actionable change?

Tokenism and triumph are both part of the American experience for filmmakers of color in public media.

Given public media’s circular history around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, Grace and Tunde wonder whether this is just another round of PBS ‘promising to do better.’

History’s rhymes continue to echo within PBS.

Grace Lee, an independent filmmaker, calls out the overwhelming whiteness of PBS. Its longtime CEO respectfully disagrees.

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