Viewers Like Us
Viewers Like Us
Interview Excerpt: Randall Pinkston

In the United States, there’s a “public” element to all broadcasting over the federally regulated airwaves. Audiences have the right to speak up about the changes we expect on the air. That’s why a commercial broadcast license challenge — launched decades ago, yet still within living memory — intrigued Viewers Like Us’s investigative reporter, Akintunde Ahmad. Listen to the bonus excerpt to learn more.

Special thanks to Randall Pinkston for this interview. You can learn more about his life and career here.

Correction: An earlier version of this bonus interview excerpt misidentified the party that assumed control of WLBT’s broadcast license in 1980 as Communications Improvement Inc. CCI was the interim operator of the station for nine years after the FCC ordered the original owner to vacate the license. The excerpt has been updated for accuracy.

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