Viewers Like Us:

Restoring the public in public television


Behind the scenes of a production meeting for the Blackside-produced landmark series Eyes on the Prize / Photo courtesy of Callie Crossley.

Episode 4: An American Experience

Tokenism and triumph are both part of the American experience for filmmakers of color in public media.

Fliers detailing senior leadership across stations: GBH, WNET, and WETA / Courtesy of Beyond Inclusion.

Episode 3: Minority Report

Given public media’s circular history around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, Grace and Tunde wonder whether this is just another round of PBS ‘promising to do better.’

San Francisco kids on the set of Loni Ding’s Bean Sprouts. / Courtesy of Loni Ding Archives, Reprinted with permission

Episode 2: Endless Loop

History’s rhymes continue to echo within PBS.

“A Formula for Change,” The Report of the Task Force on Minorities in Public Broadcasting from November 1978, courtesy of Renee Tajima-Peña.

Episode 1: America’s Storyteller?

Grace Lee, an independent filmmaker, calls out the overwhelming whiteness of PBS. Its longtime CEO respectfully disagrees.


Viewers Like Us, a co-production of filmmaker Grace Lee and Studiotobe, documents the growing disconnect between PBS’s founding mission and the increasingly diverse public it was created to serve.


We envision Viewers Like Us as movement-building through storytelling. In that spirit, we want to gather stories from you—the public—about your experiences, as media makers and audiences, with PBS over the years.

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